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Welcome, Fine Reader.

I am so excited to introduce my first historical Christian romance series, The Sword and the Cross Chronicles. 

The series is about faith, risk and, above all, love. I hope you enjoy reading the stories of the brave Templar Knights and their fierce Ladies as much as I enjoyed writing them.

If you do, I'd love to hear from you

Olivia Rae

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REDEMPTION: The third installment of The Sword and the Cross Chronicles.

Now a Finalist in the New England Reader's Choice Contest!

She only wants her true love. Lady Grace de Melan has no intention of marrying the man her father and Prince John have chosen for her. So she runs away to find Edmund, the Knight Templar who is holding her heart. With Prince John's men in close pursuit, she is rescued by a wayward monk who is anything but pious...

He’s better off dead. Guy Ashton faked his own death to save a friend, and now hides his identity under a monk's robes. After discovering that the girl he rescued is sought by Prince John, Guy realizes his own life is now in danger. Determined to protect himself, he decides to deposit her in the next village. But he can’t resist her pleas for help even if it means darkening his soul with a plot of revenge and murder.

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RESURRECTION. The fourth and final installment of The Sword and the Cross Chronicles.

Coming soon: Hugh's story - the fourth book in The Sword and the Cross Chronicles. Read the first chapter of Resurrection now, and signup for the Olivia Rae mailing list to be the first to hear about release dates, news and more!



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