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From award-winning author Olivia Rae comes a story of forgiveness, faith and a family restored.

They only wanted what’s best for Joshua.

After being gone on a surgical mission trip for months, Dr. Sam Morgan returns home to find his handicapped son, Joshua does not remember him or the tragic death of his mother. Sam is convinced that staying in a dying and decaying town, which has been the source of so much heartbreak will destroy his son completely. There is only one solution, pack up and leave ASAP. However, he can’t because a busy-body school teacher stands in his way with a threat to take Joshua away from him permanently. How can Sam restore his good name and save his son, when his own past haunts him around every corner in the town know as Cedar Ridge?

Nicole James runs a woman’s shelter and preschool in Cedar Ridge. Before her death, alcoholic Vicky Morgan fled to the shelter with her son claiming her husband was not the saint he appears to be, but a mental and physical abuser. Now, Sam Morgan has returned and he wants his son.  But Nicole wants Joshua to stay until she can sort out the truth. Is Sam Morgan an abuser or the victim of lies in a marriage that went terribly wrong? Can she discover the truth before it is too late for Joshua or will her heart and attraction to Sam Morgan cloud her judgment?



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RESURRECTION. The fourth & final installment of The Sword and the Cross Chronicles.

Olivia Rae delivers another intriguing tale of a faith destroyed and resurrected.

He thought he had his life all planned out.

Hugh de Maury wishes to bury his tragic past beneath a life of orderly discipline and hard work. He plans to make Thornwood Keep one of the finest in the land. But when King Richard orders Hugh to find a husband for the outspoken Lady Eleanor de Taine, Thornwood Keep is soon overrun by family, suitors, and spies. As Hugh’s organized life starts to crumble around him, he finds himself facing his greatest fear: that his hardened, cautious heart might start to beat again for a woman who is the personification of chaos.

She’s willing to accept her fate.

Lady Eleanor has been shuffled from relative to relative and keep to keep since her parents died years ago. Now, King Richard has demanded that she wed. With her dream of a real home about to come true, Eleanor’s mind turns to the man she has loved since she was twelve summers old, the devastatingly handsome Sir Hugh. But when she learns that Hugh is to oversee the search to find her a husband, she is forced to face her worst fear. How can she marry the man chosen for her, when all she has ever wanted is to thaw Hugh’s frozen heart and show him the real meaning of love?

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REDEMPTION: The third installment of The Sword and the Cross Chronicles.

WINNER of the New England Readers' Choice Awards, Spiritual Elements category. 

She only wants her true love. Lady Grace de Melan has no intention of marrying the man her father and Prince John have chosen for her. So she runs away to find Edmund, the Knight Templar who is holding her heart. With Prince John's men in close pursuit, she is rescued by a wayward monk who is anything but pious...

He’s better off dead. Guy Ashton faked his own death to save a friend, and now hides his identity under a monk's robes. After discovering that the girl he rescued is sought by Prince John, Guy realizes his own life is now in danger. Determined to protect himself, he decides to deposit her in the next village. But he can’t resist her pleas for help even if it means darkening his soul with a plot of revenge and murder.

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